Three Great: AHA Treatments


AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are great allies in my quest to look as youthful as possible as I sail into my mid thirties. AHAs encourage the turn over of skin cells which naturally slows down as we age. Shedding the top layer of cells to reveal fresh new ones underneath gives a younger, fresher appearance to the skin. I love giving nature a little help! The amazing thing about these products is that they give noticeable results overnight. It is especially important to use sun protection when using AHAs to protect the new skin they reveal. I tend to give the AHAs a break when I’m rocking a fake tan as the exfoliating properties of the acids would slough off my glow.

Pixi Glow Peel Pads

I sweep these pre soaked pads over my face at night and leave the high strength glycolic acid work its magic for a few minutes before rinsing with cool water and moisturising. Fresh, glowy, more even skin is revealed by the morning. The directions state to use these pads pm as needed.


Ole Hendriksen Invigorating Night Treatment


I love Ole Hendriksen products and this gel is no exception. It is hands down the most effective exfoliant I have ever used. The soothing microalgae it contains means that this can be used nightly without any irritation. I always wake up to plumper, fresher, more refined skin after using this treatment. It is important to give your face a really good scrub with a wash cloth the morning after use to slough off all the old cells that have been loosened overnight.

Alpha H Liquid Gold


This cult treatment can be used every other night. There is a visible improvement in tone by the next morning. I love waking up to smoother, newer, fresher, more even skin. This formula contain luxurious silk protein to condition the skin. Due to the high strength glycolic acid in this product, it is not suitable for sensitive skin.


What’s your favourite AHA product?


Pixi and Alpha H are available from

Ole Hendriksen is available from

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