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Simple and Delicious: Crab Tagliatelle with Chilli and Sun-dried Tomatoes


Crab tagliatelle is my go to quick but luxurious meal. This simple yet decadent meal is ready in a flash.

Ingredients (per person):

170g fresh tagliatelle

50g crab meat (my preference is for white meat)

45g sundried tomatoes

A generous glug of extra virgin olive oil

Chopped fresh chilli or dried chilli flakes and freshly ground black pepper to taste


1. Bring a pan of water to the boil.

2. Add tagliatelle and bring back to the boil.

3. Turn down the heat and simmer for four minutes.

4. Drain pasta and return to the pan.

5. Add olive oil, crab, chilli and pepper.

6. Stir well.

7. Enjoy!!

Shopping list:

Essential Waitrose Fresh Pasta Tagliatelle 500g

Seafood & Eat It Handpicked White Cornish Crab 100g

Waitrose Sun-dried Tomatoes 280g

Filippo Berio Extra Virgin olive oil 750ml

Waitrose Cooks’ Ingredients Red Chillies 50g or Bart Chilli Flakes 27g

Bart Organic Black Peppercorn Mill 40g


Shop online at

I am a long time customer and recent affiliate of Waitrose.

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