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Review: Mintd Box Mini Sleep Edit


I love indulging in a relaxing bath before applying skincare as part of my nighttime routine. A Mintd Box dedicated to this ritual is right up my street. Here are my thoughts on this cute little edit:

Aromatherapy Associates Light Relax Bath and Shower Oil

Light Relax Bath & Shower Oil blends high-altitude grown lavender, ylang ylang and petitgrain. This is designed to be massaged all over the body prior to stepping into a warm bath or shower. To get the maximum aromatherapy benefits the brand recommend cupping your hands to your face and inhaling deeply three times after applying to the body. Alternatively you can add one or two capfuls to your bath (blending the oil with a little milk first will allow it to disperse through the water rather than just sitting on the top). If you wanted an extra bougie bath you could rub it on your body and add in to the bath water!!

I will be eternally grateful to Mintd for introducing me to this product which is basically heaven in bath oil form. This decedant oil ups the luxe factor of my nightly bath and the elegant frosted glass bottle looks chic on the side of my bathtub. The fragrance is heavenly and skin is left feeling super soft. I cannot say enough good things about my holy grail bath oil.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Retinol is the superstar of anti-aging actives as it increases collagen synthesis which naturally slows down as we age. The result of this is enhanced skin elasticity and bounce. Sunday Riley have opted for a trans-retinoic acid ester in this formula which claims to boost the look and feel of skin plumpness, while improving the fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, dullness, age spots and pores. This next-generation retinol oil stimulates sluggish cells to encourage repair and renewal processes which help correct signs of damage caused by sun, time and everyday exposure to pollutants. Replenishing oils hydrate the skin in addition to the anti-ageing action of the retinol. Cold-pressed oils of avocado, chia and concord grape seed promote skin’s strength, resilience and radiance whilst blue tansy and German chamomile essential oils, both rich in soothing blue azulene, reduce redness and the signs of sensitivity for a calm, even-toned complexion.

Sunday Riley state that some of the benefits can be seen after just one application:  “skin tone, dryness, redness, and luminosity are instantly, visibly improved even-toned skin in the morning.”

Various benefits have been reported after 4 weeks use by an independent consumer testing panel:

  • 100% felt the product absorbed well into the skin
  • 96% of women felt their skin looked brighter and more radiant
  • 96% of women felt their skin looked healthier and revitalized
  • 92% of women felt their skin tone looked more even, calmer, smoother
  • 92% would recommend Luna to a family member or friend
  • 88% felt their pores looked smaller
  • 85% felt their fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead were visibly improved

Despite being billed as fragrance free, the natural scent of the product is very chemically which I find neither pleasant nor unpleasant. Directions state to press and massage into clean, dry skin before bed. The blue hue disappears upon application and leaves the skin with a subtle glow which remains the following morning. I like that product marries the benefits of retinol and oils and does not cause me any irritation whatsoever. Luna is described by Caroline Hirons as a starter retinol so whilst it is more gentle than some other formulas it is also not as powerful. This is a good option to use at the start of your retinol journey, or indeed if you want the benefits of a retinol without having to deal with peeling. I personally am trying to acclimate my skin to the potent Drunk Elephant retinol but am sure my boyfriend wishes I would stick to a gentler formula like Luna (so he doesn’t have to bear witness to my face flaking off before his eyes)!

Verso Lip Serum

IMG_9013Sticking with retinol; Verso Lip Serum is powered by Retinol 8, a stabilized vitamin A complex, eight times more effective than standard retinol and half as irritative. This formula kicks the rejuvenation process into a higher gear by boosting the skin’s natural production of collagen. The serum also contains hyaluronic acid and peptides for increased hydration and plumping. This anti-aging treatment works to soften and reduce the appearance of minor dark spots and fine lines around the lips.

I was thrilled when I saw that this product had been released as a lip treatment IMG_8917containing retinol is something I had been wanting to see for a long time. I dislike the lines on my lips almost as much as you the ones on my face. I tend to wear glossy rather than matte lip products in an attempt to disguise them. I’m hoping that a chic matte lipstick may now be in my future! Although the directions state to apply on and around lips in the morning and/or evening; I personally wouldn’t wear this during daylight due to the retinol content. The finish is lovely and glossy whilst being comfortable to wear. I mostly use the serum right before bed; just on the lips rather than around them too as as I don’t think I would enjoy the texture on my facial skin. When I wake up in the morning I still feel the product on my lips so am confident that this works as a barrier to prevent moisture loss throughout the night in addition to nourishing the lips.

Details: The total value of the products in the mini sleep edit is £148 however it is currently on sale with 25% off for just £56.25 at is affiliated with mintd box

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