Homeworx Candle Haul and Review

I had been lusting after the delicious sounding Homeworx candles for some time when I noticed QVC had some great offers running. The time for me to experience Homeworx had arrived and I was not disappointed. Watch the video below to see me unbox my haul, share information about the products and then give my thoughts on the brand after the first burn:

Have you tried Homeworx products? If so, what are your thoughts? If not, do you plan on doing so after watching this video?

Affiliate Product Links:

Coconut Cake US link –
UK alternative Toasted Vanilla Cupcake:

Blueberry Cheesecake US link-
UK alternative Cookies and Cream:

Limoncello Cupcake US link:
UK alternative Pink Lemon Shortbread:

Autumn Pumpkin US Alternative Pumpkin –
UK alternate Autumn Pumpkin Patch

Harvest Leaves US Link:
UK alternative Cinnamon spice

Trim the Tree (as part of set) UK link:
US alternative Winterberry Pine:

White Birch US link –
UK link –

Other Products Referenced:

Scentworx (US only) @ Kohl’s:

Limoncello Cupcake Diffuser Oils –

Trim the Tree Reed Diffuser:

USB lighters are available via my affiliate links:
US –
UK –

Candle snuffers are available via my affiliate links:
US –
UK –

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