Step by Step: Home Pedicure

Whilst it’s lovely to have a professional pedicure; at times it can be more convenient to do a DIY job at home. Here are the steps I follow:

Step 1: Remove Old Skin

I always start a home pedicure by removing dry skin. If you have a lot of hard skin on your feet I would recommend using a callous remover to reveal the baby smooth skin that lies underneath. Otherwise a manual or electric foot file will do the job. Alternatively this can be combined with the next step by using a scrub:

Step 2: Cleanse and Soak

I tend to do this step whilst I bathe but you could equally use a foot bath.

Step 3: Cuticle Work

Use a cuticle pusher to push back cuticles whilst they are still soft from the warm water then trim with cuticle nippers.

Step 4: Remove Old Polish (Optional)

If you are already wearing polish whip this off with remover.

Step 5: Shape


If your nails are long trim them down with clippers. File to your desired shape.

Step 6: Base Coat

L-R: Beauty Pie Wonderlayer Diamond Powder Base Coat and Nails Inc Nailkale Base Coat

Apply a base coat to ensure a smooth application, prevent staining and extend wear.

Step 7: ColourIMG_3651

Apply two coats of your chosen coloured polish.

Step 8: Top Coat

Apply a top coat for shine and longevity. I recommend the Beauty Pie Flexiglass Uv top coat which makes my polish last a lot longer than any other brand I’ve tried.

Step 9: Drying Drops (Optional)

This step is optional, however drying drops are great if you’re short on time. I love Essie’s Quick-E drying drops to speed up the drying process. If you don’t have any drops I’ve read that submerging nails in cold water can have the same effect.

Step 10: Cuticle Oil (Optional)

NCLA Beauty So Rich Peach Vanilla Cuticle Oil

Massaging in a cuticle oil moisturises and protects. Continuing to apply this on a daily basis will help your pedicure last longer.

Step 11: Foot Cream

Beauty Pie Footopia Super Softening Foot and Heel Cream

Apply foot lotion once the polish is dry for super soft feet.

Do you ever do your own pedicure or do you prefer to go to a salon?


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