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Review: Beauty Pie Soul Providers Re-Energizing Dry Oil Sugar Scrub

I believe it is possible to achieve comparable results at home for certain salon beauty treatments. The most obvious candidate for this in my view is a full body scrub. Massaging your exfoliant of choice over dry, rather than wet, skin and paying particular attention to drier areas like elbows and knees will help you achieve professional level results from a DIY scrub. A spa experience undoubtedly has the greater pamper factor but sometimes the convenience of being at home wins out (all the better if my boyfriend is available to do the scrubbing for me to add back the luxury element of being massaged)!

I tend to be very liberal when applying a body scrub; one tub will typically only last me a couple of uses. When I saw that Beauty Pie had released a new one I was keen to try it out. As a member of the luxury beauty buyers club, the the idea of being able to purchase a spa worthy scrub for an affordable price really appealed to me. This one typically costs £50 but I purchased it at the members price of £10.65 (which makes the fact I use up body scrub as quickly as milk a tad more palatable)!

Soul Providers Re-Energizing Dry Oil Sugar Scrub is billed as the ultimate energizing body scrub. The multitasking product soaks the skin in precious oils as it exfoliates. Key ingredients include:

  • DEMERARA SUGAR – To instantly slough away dead skin cells
  • LEMON EXFOLIATOR – A natural exfoliant derived from lemon peel
  • SWEET ALMOND OIL – Deeply conditions
  • APRICOT KERNEL OIL – Rich in vitamin A and linoleic acid
  • VITAMIN E – For antioxidant protection and deep skin moisturization
  • EVENING PRIMROSE OIL – Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E
  • INDIAN GOOSEBERRY EXTRACT – Sourced from the Amla fruit, known for its high content of vitamin C and its antioxidant activity
  • HOLY BASIL EXTRACT – Taken from the Tulsi plant, which promotes purity and lightness, while cleansing toxins to leave skin conditioned and nourished
  • CEDRAT LEMONGRASS FRAGRANCE – To uplift and revive

Directions state to use before showering or bathing and to mix with the wooden spoon provided to ensure that the oils are evenly distributed:

Swipe left to see the product mixed

Beauty Pie are from the same, more is more, school of thought as me and recommend massaging a generous handful onto dry or slightly damp skin:

Users are advised to massage in circular motions, allowing the scrub to melt and spread. Once finished, rinse with warm water and lightly pat skin dry; no moisturizer will be necessary. The scrub is recommended for use once or twice a week. This product is cruelty free and vegan.

Although this is labelled a sugar scrub the main ingredient is sea salt (sugar is third on the ingredients list after sweet almond oil). I’m not sure why it has been marketed this way as I find sugar and salt to be equivalent in terms of their efficacy at physical exfoliation. It may be that ingredients like grapefruit and lemon marry better mentally with sugar than salt and the fact the sweet, citrusy aroma makes this scrub smell downright edible!! In addition to sugar and salt granules this scrub also provides chemical exfoliation derived from lemon peel. I love these types of dual action exfoliators that give the best of both words; the uniform smoothness of a chemical exfoliation as well as the satisfying scrubbing action that only a physical exfoliant can provide!!

This product gives me major marmalade vibes; from the orange jar to the actual look of the scrub and its delicious sweet, citrusy scent. I’m pretty lazy so love products that save me time; not only is this a heavy duty exfoliant but the oils mean that this is also seriously moisturising. Skin is touchably soft after use and for the following few days. There is no need to apply body oil or moisturiser after exfoliating with gem of a product. I also really like that a cute wooden stirrer is included. This lovely little touch elevates this product from being an outstanding body treatment to a complete self care ritual in a box:

Using this scrub is a decadent treat for the senses which momentarily transforms your bathroom into a spa. I wholeheartedly agree with the five star rating this product has on the Beauty Pie website. It fully lives up to the claim of giving velvety you soft skin in 5 minutes. The bright tub will look great in any bathroom:

As much as I love this product there are a few cons. Those luxurious oils that pamper the skin do have downsides: After my boyfriend kindly scrubbed my back with this, he declined my offer to return the favour. This was due to being put off by the oily residue left behind. Even after rinsing, some of the oil lingers on the skin and takes time to sink in. I would therefore not recommend using this product if you are short on time. Beauty Pie warn that oils can make surfaces slippery so your bath or shower will need a good clean after use. Some of the essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy. A good alternative for pregnant women would be Beauty Pie’s other body scrub ‘Super Healthy Skin Nourishing Body Polish’ click here to read my review . Although the product is suitable for all skin types it should not be applied to broken, just-shaved, open, irritated or sensitised skin. Despite these few caveats I can see myself repurchasing this sublime scrub again and again.

Have you tried Soul Providers Re-Energizing Dry Oil Sugar Scrub? If so I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


Beauty Pie Soul Providers Re-Energizing Dry Oil Sugar Scrub is available exclusively from is affiliated to Beauty Pie however I am a paying member of the club and purchased the product myself.

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