Compare and Contrast: Beauty Pie SPFs 25 & 50

Beauty buffs know that SPF is a must not only on sunny days but an important skincare step whatever the weather. Whilst strong sunlight contains a lot of UVB rays that can lead to sunburn (think B for burning); all daylight contains UVA rays which are responsible for around 80% of premature skin ageing (think A for ageing). Wearing SPF religiously on days that you spend time outdoors, even if it’s cloudy, is the most effective step you can take to keep your skin looking as young as possible for as long as possible. Beauty Pie make two great untinted SPF options:

Super Healthy Skin Ultralight UVA/UVB SPF 25

Beauty Pie market their first SPF as a triple threat: sunscreen, hydrating moisture milk and foundation primer in one. The formula contains several ingredients with skincare benefits:

  • Liquorice Extract to reduce redness and soothe the skin
  • Hyaluronic acid is a powerful moisture magnet that smoothes and plumps the skin
  • Betaine, naturally derived from sugar beet, increases hydration levels

When I tried this product it instantly became my holy grail sunscreen. It is super lightweight and sinks into the skin quickly leaving no white cast. I use this as both my moisturiser and SPF. This silky sunscreen is cruelty free, fragrance-free and suitable for all skin types. If Beauty Pie were able to boost the protection up a tad to SPF 30, in my view, this would be just about perfect.

Featherlight UVA/UVB SPF 50 Sunscreen + Primer

The second SPF launch from Beauty Pie is a 2-in-1 SPF 50 and primer. This state of the art sunscreen contains a proprietary blend of UV filters that incorporate new technology and smart Chromophores. The cutting edge formula absorbs harmful UV waves, fights sunlight-induced inflammation and reduces the skin-aging effects of UV radiation. Vitis Vita Grape Extract detoxifies and rehydrates the skin plus protects cells from UV-induced protein degradation. Tomato stem cell extract is a natural blend of peptides and sugar molecules that act in synergy to significantly reduce the level of stress-induced reactive oxygen species. This SPF is also suitable for all skin types but does contain fragrance which some feel should be a no no in skincare due to its potential sensitising effect. That being said I don’t feel that this contains high levels of fragrance as all I really smell is SPF when I apply this. This one is even lighter in texture than the SPF 25 whilst offering double the protection.

Directions state to gently smooth upward and outward onto clean, moisturized skin as a final, age-preventative step in your daily skincare routine. Wait 60 seconds to fix, before applying foundation or powder.

I put sunscreen on my face, neck and the backs of my hands on a daily basis as these are the areas that are always exposed to daylight. I only tend to apply SPF to my body if I am planning on getting some sun. I recently got caught by surprise after spending a sunnier than expected day in a friend’s garden. Here you can see what a great job the sunscreen did on the area I applied it (I wish I’d gone all the way up my arm!!):

This really does also function as a great primer as my make up was intact after that hot day in the sun.


L – Ultralight SPF 25 R – Featherlight SPF 50: Swipe left to see blended out onto my hand


The sunscreens have a lot in common:

  • Both provide UVA and UVB protection
  • Both hydrate the skin
  • Both function as primers
  • Both are cruelty free
  • Both are suitable for all skin types
  • Both come in a squeezy tube that is identical other than the text printed on it
  • Both contain 50ml
  • Both are currently priced around the £10 mark for Beauty Pie members

The biggest difference between the two is the level of UV protection provided. The Featherlight offers twice the level of protection of the Ultralight. Whilst Ultralight boosts skins natural level of sun protection by a factor of 25 times, Featherlight offers 50 times the natural protection. If you are not spending an extended period of time outdoors an SPF 25 may be adequate. SPF 50 would be preferable for any significant period of sun exposure. As much I like the Ultralight SPF, I was waiting for Beauty Pie to release a higher factor so was quick to purchase the Featherlight version which did not disappoint. In addition to having greater protection the Featherlight also has more scientifically advanced UV protection. To me Featherlight feels like a version 2.0 of the Ultralight: It gives double the protection, is more scientifically advanced and is even lighter in texture. I would describe Ultralight as a very lightweight lotion and Featherweight as a milk. The Ultralight is a 3 in 1 sunscreen, lightweight moisturiser and primer whereas the Featherlight is a 2 in 1 SPF and primer with a greater focus on sun protection above other skincare benefits. Other than providing hydration, the skincare benefits of the Featherlight focus exclusively on preventing UV damage whereas Ultralight’s formula offers additional skincare benefits detailed above. Another difference is the inclusion of fragrance in the Featherlight only. So if your preference is to avoid fragrance in your skincare the Featherlight won’t be for you.

Final Thoughts:

These are both lovely light SPFs that absorb into the skin quickly without leaving a white cast. Both of these sunscreens occupy distinct niches in my spf wardrobe. If I am in a rush and need to combine my SPF and moisturiser into one step I will reach for the Ultralight. I will tend to reach for the Featherlight on sunny days due to the high SPF. My personal preference is for a pore filling primer that contains dimethicone so I will usually use a separate primer over the top of each of these products. Although I highly recommend these both; If I could only pick one I would go for the Featherlight due to it’s SPF 50 protection and advanced technology.


Super Healthy Skin Ultralight UVA/UVB SPF 25 is £9.90 for members and £35 for non-members and Featherlight UVA/UVB SPF 50 Sunscreen + Primer is £10.15 for members and £45 for non-members at this time: Member prices reflect actual cost prices which can fluctuate.

Have you tried either of these SPFs? Is so what are your thoughts?

Both sunscreens are available to purchase exclusively from:

makeverydayluxe is affiliated to Beauty Pie however I am a paying member of the club and purchased the products myself.

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