Brand Focus: Pharmaglow Skin

This new skincare brand on the block is the brainchild of veteran beauty therapist Amara Cassidy. Jaws regularly drop to the floor when Amara shares her age as she looks many years younger. Her secret is the long term use of acids in her beauty regime. AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) encourage the turn over of skin cells which naturally slows down as we age. Shedding the top layer of cells reveals fresh new ones underneath to give a younger, glowier appearance to the skin. Over time AHA use also helps to thicken the epidermis and increases collagen production which means firmer, plumper skin. Amara has used her expertise to create a line that utilises these amazing acids in each step of the skincare routine which means the products work together cumulatively to give a gentle AHA hit. Here are my thoughts on the range:

Fresh Gel Wash

IMG_4989I love to use gel formulas for my second cleanse after removing make up with an oil or balm to ensure my skin is squeaky clean. This one gently foams and has a beautiful scent evocative of clean linen. After use skin feels smooth, soft and toned without a hint of tightness. What’s unique about this cleanser in particular is that it lives up to its name and also leaves you with a glow courtesy of the array of acids it contains: malic, tartaric, citric, lactic and glycolic.

Jojoba Bead Scrub

I like to exfoliate regularly to keep my skin smooth. In terms of physical vs chemical exfoliants; I find scrubs really satisfying whilst acids have greater efficacy. This one has the best of both worlds as it contains jojoba beads as well as citric and lactic acids. This formula also contains nourishing organic oils (coconut, avocado and sunflower), organic shea butter and mango seed butter. Apple and strawberry fruit extracts provide antioxidant action whilst hydrolyzed silk binds moisture to the skin providing a protective barrier.

Aloe Vera TonerIMG_4996

This revitalizing toner contains aloe vera to nourish and refresh skin whilst glycolic acid returns skin to its natural pH after cleansing. I really like using toners that contain AHAs as I feel that they create a fresh, smooth canvas to take on skincare products. This one has a pleasant fresh smell and has become my go to toner.

Sensitive Balance Day Cream

IMG_5134This balancing day cream is contains Phoenix date palm extract to reduce redness and sensitvity. Although I don’t personally have sensitive skin, I still enjoy using this moisturiser. It has a really nice fresh, delicate scent and gives you that signature ‘pharmaglow’ after application. As this day cream contains AHAs it is important to follow with an spf as acid use makes skin more vulnerable to uv rays.

Final Thoughts:

I love both the immediate glow this skincare line gives as well as the more refined texture that appears over time. I gave my boyfriend a facial using products from the line and the following morning he made me touch his face to feel how soft it was! These products would not look out of place in his wash bag. The genderless packaging is a nice touch as the desire for great skin is universal. I would like to see the line expand to include a cleansing oil/balm, eye cream, serum, night cream and spf to enable a full regime comprised exclusively of Pharmaglow Skin.

Details: The range is available from 

Thank you to Pharmaglow for gifting the range to me. The above link is not affiliated.

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